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Video Production

Our Video Services
We offer three types of video services: on-site video production, video interviews and web videos.

On-Site Video Production
Our on-site video production package offers professional videographer services right in your office.  Here is the kind of video content we can create for you:

  • Walking tour of your premises
    Our videographer can film you as you take your audience through an informative walking tour of your premises. On the tour, you can introduce yourself, your physicians and your staff, and create the feeling of familiarity and trust so important to your business.
  • Present your cutting edge equipment and specialties 
    It’s reassuring for your patients to know that they will have access to the latest techniques and equipment in the industry.
  • Educate your patients 
    People appreciate information about the medical procedures they plan to undergo. We can film a medical procedure as it is being performed and explain the results to your patients.
  • Provide testimonials 
    We can present feedback from your satisfied patients via video interviews. There is nothing as compelling as a testimonial when it comes to proving your track record and attracting new clients.
  • Exclusive scripts
    And if you’re not sure about what to say to your clients or how to say it, our expert copywriters can help tailor an exclusive script for an additional fee. They will work with you closely on the script, understanding your business and your values.

Patient Video Interviews
We can create video where you or your representative can talk about your practice, services, staff, areas of expertise and other subjects. Or you could record a welcome message for visitors to your website. This could include an overview of your services, outline what sets you apart from your competitors or present your credentials. We could also have your fellow doctors speak about referrals and cover topics of interest to your visitors.

The possibilities are endless. We can provide you with a script if you wish, at an additional fee.

Boost your marketing plan with SEO video

The videos we create can effectively function as  a tool for search engine optimization -This ensures that your video content  is specially optimized to ensure your are quickly accessible for relevant keywords and geographic locations onGoogle™ Video, YouTube™, Yahoo!® Video, AOL® Video, and other major video portals. All these videos will be presented in easily accessible media players.