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Patient Portals

Earn the goodwill of prospective patients through a patient portal
Your prospective patients will appreciate the convenience of a Patient Portal that showcases your efforts in employing the latest web technology to look after their healthcare needs.

Through a patient portal, you can collect demographic information about your patients, offer them prescription refills and enable them to make appointment requests. The portal will also enable the transmission of files such as lab reports, x-rays and referral requests in a secure manner. The convenience offered to your patients through the Patient Portal will help you gain an edge over competition. We offer the Patient Portal integration service free of charge.

EMR Integration allows you to quickly gather demographic information on your patients, process prescription refill and online requests and transmit files such as lab and x-ray reports via secure messaging.

Online forms
On-line patient forms are a convenient and cost-effective way to gather information about your patients and have them communicate with you.  The forms are secure and offer privacy and confidentiality in line with HIPAA requirements.

Standard forms available Online bill payment
Referral Request P/E Registration Form – Peds
PT/OT Renewal Image/Film Request – Radiology
Patient Registration Contact your Provider
Prescription Renewal Feferral Consult Form
Appointment Request Patient Assessment
Workers Compensation

Secure bill payment on-line
This feature will be welcomed by your patients for its convenience and security. It will allow themto pay their bills online through your website.

Secure exam requisition form on-line
This form enables referring physicians from your radiology group to log in to your website securelyand request an exam. We can customize the online request form to suit your requirements.

Form Benefits

In accordance with HIPAA rules, the electronic transfer of and access to protected health information is designed to be secure and managed through encryption and authentication.

Improved Workflow 
Online forms can save your patients and your staff a lot of time and effort. A smooth workflow routine can be achieved through automated and customized message routing which directs form results to staff members chosen by you, bringing in key benefits.

  1. Your patients, as well as request and office staff, have the freedom to process patient appointments, prescription renewals and referral requests at their own convenience.
  2. With online pre-registration in place on your website, you can check the eligibility of insurance information before you meet your patients.
  3. Your patients can submit questions to your billing and nursing staff without worrying about security issues.
  4. Online forms enable you to collect the email addresses of your patients so you can send them relevant information and keep in touch with them.

What’s more, the constant communication establishes an on-going relationship with your patients, so crucial to the success of a business founded on trust.

Structured content
The online forms are structured to help you gather relevant information in desired formats. These forms also help build an efficient system, by ensuring accurate inputs while processing patient requests.

Contact Us
If you’d like to attract new patients and improve the efficiency of your medical practice, EMR integration is the answer.  For further details about our patient portal integration or customized website design, call us or fill out our online contact form.