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Internet Marketing

Marketing for the Medical Industry
Our Internet marketing services are custom tailored to your medical practice. Our services include search engine optimization, pay per click (PPC) and email newsletter campaigns.

The Internet is the most cost-effective medical marketing tool available today. Marketing your medical business on the World Wide Web through utilizing our medical web design services and search engine promotion plans, will get you great exposure and allow you to reach thousands of patients who are searching Internet to seek medical advise or treatment. It is an inexpensive sales channel connecting you directly to your potential patients.

Our medical marketing comprises of a variety of disciplines. By implementing great web design, search engine optimization services and relevant content, we develop a plan to meet your budget and marketing requirements. We understand what your paients are using your website for and what actions they should be taking. Our custom services deploy design, SEO and Marketing campaigns and profile your visitors to drive traffic.

Marketing & Promotion Services
Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

To effectively represent your company, it’s imperative to be well positioned in all major search engines’ natural (aka. free or algorithmic) search results. These results are most often displayed separately from paid or sponsored listings, cannot be purchased, and are the single most common source of qualified site visitors. An effective Search Engine Optimization program will cover your organic or free search engine ranking results. The search engine optimizationwill include analysis of your site from the search engines perspective. This includes keyword research, website structure planning, proper page code, textual content and submission to the major search engines.

Pay Per Click Programs (Pay For Placement)
By now, you may be familiar with the powerhouses in this space: Google AdWords and Yahoo. Both of these engines allow you to actively bid upon your desired position in search results and charge you for each time your ad is clicked on by a user. Sound too good to be true? It can be. PPC must have a clearly defined strategy with carefully chosen keywords. We can help you decide if PPC is right for you. Our Pay Per Click (PPC) programs focus on the placement of your website in the sponsored search results of the major search engine. Setting-up your budget requirements, keyword research, tracking your click conversions, creation and design of landing pages and complete reporting will boost your visitor numbers and level of success.

Higher Placement on Search Engines with Our Pay-Per-Click Program
After creating a stunning medical website design, we will market and promote your website to boost your visibility and bring you business. You need to get visitors to your website and we’ll show you how. Whether you have a growing medical practice, group or large organization, we will properly market your online presence.

Email Newsletters
E-mail is the ultimate connection to your website. Our successful email marketing strategies include the design and distribution of your email newsletter campaign. The program includes development, spam-free delivery methods, campaign tracking, reporting and analysis.

Social Media Optimization
Social Media Optimization (SMO) is more than word of mouth marketing. The use of Social Media sites as a tool to reach out to your audience has grown to become a necessary extension of every business. SMO creates an open line of communication with your Patients. The explosive rise of sites like Facebook and Twitter prove how every business can benefit from discussion with an interested market. In the end, that’s what Social Media is all about Targeted discussion with invested participants.