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Internet Marketing

Marketing for the Medical Industry
Our Internet marketing services are custom tailored to your medical practice. Our services include search engine optimization, pay per click (PPC) and email newsletter campaigns.

The Internet is the most cost-effective medical marketing tool available today. Marketing your medical business on the World Wide Web through utilizing our medical web design services and search engine promotion plans, will get you great exposure and allow you to reach thousands of patients who are searching Internet to seek medical advise or treatment. It is an inexpensive sales channel connecting you directly to your potential patients.

Our medical marketing comprises of a variety of disciplines. By implementing great web design, search engine optimization services and relevant content, we develop a plan to meet your budget and marketing requirements. We understand what your paients are using your website for and what actions they should be taking. Our custom services deploy design, SEO and Marketing campaigns and profile your visitors to drive traffic.

Marketing & Promotion Services
Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

To effectively represent your company, it’s imperative to be well positioned in all major search engines’ natural (aka. free or algorithmic) search results. These results are most often displayed separately from paid or sponsored listings, cannot be purchased, and are the single most common source of qualified site visitors. An effective Search Engine Optimization program will cover your organic or free search engine ranking results. The search engine optimizationwill include analysis of your site from the search engines perspective. This includes keyword research, website structure planning, proper page code, textual content and submission to the major search engines.

Pay Per Click Programs (Pay For Placement)
By now, you may be familiar with the powerhouses in this space: Google AdWords and Yahoo. Both of these engines allow you to actively bid upon your desired position in search results and charge you for each time your ad is clicked on by a user. Sound too good to be true? It can be. PPC must have a clearly defined strategy with carefully chosen keywords. We can help you decide if PPC is right for you. Our Pay Per Click (PPC) programs focus on the placement of your website in the sponsored search results of the major search engine. Setting-up your budget requirements, keyword research, tracking your click conversions, creation and design of landing pages and complete reporting will boost your visitor numbers and level of success.

Higher Placement on Search Engines with Our Pay-Per-Click Program
After creating a stunning medical website design, we will market and promote your website to boost your visibility and bring you business. You need to get visitors to your website and we’ll show you how. Whether you have a growing medical practice, group or large organization, we will properly market your online presence.

Email Newsletters
E-mail is the ultimate connection to your website. Our successful email marketing strategies include the design and distribution of your email newsletter campaign. The program includes development, spam-free delivery methods, campaign tracking, reporting and analysis.

Social Media Optimization
Social Media Optimization (SMO) is more than word of mouth marketing. The use of Social Media sites as a tool to reach out to your audience has grown to become a necessary extension of every business. SMO creates an open line of communication with your Patients. The explosive rise of sites like Facebook and Twitter prove how every business can benefit from discussion with an interested market. In the end, that’s what Social Media is all about Targeted discussion with invested participants.

Interactive Education

We offer more than 400 animations covering orthopedic, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, ophthalmological, pain management, and other medical specialties.

Our medical animations are a great resource that can be added to any website we design. These animations allow your medical website to become a great resource for online education for patients.

These medical animations allow for a step-by-step narration with video of conditions, treatments, and procedures.

Each video is also available in Spanish. In addition, each video also allows the patient to download a full color brochure of the animations.

You can pick which procedures and conditions you would like to showcase on your website and which will best inform viewers coming to your website. For more information, call us or fill out our online contact form.

Video Production

Our Video Services
We offer three types of video services: on-site video production, video interviews and web videos.

On-Site Video Production
Our on-site video production package offers professional videographer services right in your office.  Here is the kind of video content we can create for you:

  • Walking tour of your premises
    Our videographer can film you as you take your audience through an informative walking tour of your premises. On the tour, you can introduce yourself, your physicians and your staff, and create the feeling of familiarity and trust so important to your business.
  • Present your cutting edge equipment and specialties 
    It’s reassuring for your patients to know that they will have access to the latest techniques and equipment in the industry.
  • Educate your patients 
    People appreciate information about the medical procedures they plan to undergo. We can film a medical procedure as it is being performed and explain the results to your patients.
  • Provide testimonials 
    We can present feedback from your satisfied patients via video interviews. There is nothing as compelling as a testimonial when it comes to proving your track record and attracting new clients.
  • Exclusive scripts
    And if you’re not sure about what to say to your clients or how to say it, our expert copywriters can help tailor an exclusive script for an additional fee. They will work with you closely on the script, understanding your business and your values.

Patient Video Interviews
We can create video where you or your representative can talk about your practice, services, staff, areas of expertise and other subjects. Or you could record a welcome message for visitors to your website. This could include an overview of your services, outline what sets you apart from your competitors or present your credentials. We could also have your fellow doctors speak about referrals and cover topics of interest to your visitors.

The possibilities are endless. We can provide you with a script if you wish, at an additional fee.

Boost your marketing plan with SEO video

The videos we create can effectively function as  a tool for search engine optimization -This ensures that your video content  is specially optimized to ensure your are quickly accessible for relevant keywords and geographic locations onGoogle™ Video, YouTube™, Yahoo!® Video, AOL® Video, and other major video portals. All these videos will be presented in easily accessible media players.

Patient Portals

Earn the goodwill of prospective patients through a patient portal
Your prospective patients will appreciate the convenience of a Patient Portal that showcases your efforts in employing the latest web technology to look after their healthcare needs.

Through a patient portal, you can collect demographic information about your patients, offer them prescription refills and enable them to make appointment requests. The portal will also enable the transmission of files such as lab reports, x-rays and referral requests in a secure manner. The convenience offered to your patients through the Patient Portal will help you gain an edge over competition. We offer the Patient Portal integration service free of charge.

EMR Integration allows you to quickly gather demographic information on your patients, process prescription refill and online requests and transmit files such as lab and x-ray reports via secure messaging.

Online forms
On-line patient forms are a convenient and cost-effective way to gather information about your patients and have them communicate with you.  The forms are secure and offer privacy and confidentiality in line with HIPAA requirements.

Standard forms available Online bill payment
Referral Request P/E Registration Form – Peds
PT/OT Renewal Image/Film Request – Radiology
Patient Registration Contact your Provider
Prescription Renewal Feferral Consult Form
Appointment Request Patient Assessment
Workers Compensation

Secure bill payment on-line
This feature will be welcomed by your patients for its convenience and security. It will allow themto pay their bills online through your website.

Secure exam requisition form on-line
This form enables referring physicians from your radiology group to log in to your website securelyand request an exam. We can customize the online request form to suit your requirements.

Form Benefits

In accordance with HIPAA rules, the electronic transfer of and access to protected health information is designed to be secure and managed through encryption and authentication.

Improved Workflow 
Online forms can save your patients and your staff a lot of time and effort. A smooth workflow routine can be achieved through automated and customized message routing which directs form results to staff members chosen by you, bringing in key benefits.

  1. Your patients, as well as request and office staff, have the freedom to process patient appointments, prescription renewals and referral requests at their own convenience.
  2. With online pre-registration in place on your website, you can check the eligibility of insurance information before you meet your patients.
  3. Your patients can submit questions to your billing and nursing staff without worrying about security issues.
  4. Online forms enable you to collect the email addresses of your patients so you can send them relevant information and keep in touch with them.

What’s more, the constant communication establishes an on-going relationship with your patients, so crucial to the success of a business founded on trust.

Structured content
The online forms are structured to help you gather relevant information in desired formats. These forms also help build an efficient system, by ensuring accurate inputs while processing patient requests.

Contact Us
If you’d like to attract new patients and improve the efficiency of your medical practice, EMR integration is the answer.  For further details about our patient portal integration or customized website design, call us or fill out our online contact form.

Virtual Tours

Whether you want to impress them with your state-of-the-art facility or charm them with your warm and welcoming atmosphere, with the help of a Virtual Tour prospective clients can familiarize themselves with your office before they step in the door. Virtual tours display 360-degree views of your facility, from the building to your reception area to any number of rooms inside. When a website visitor views your virtual tour, (s)he is more likely to feel a connection to your practice and contact you.

About Us

Our Expertise

Our unique capability to understand and relate to your needs and the challenges and demands in balancing and delivering quality cost-effective patient care comes from our  extensive background in Healthcare Administration, IT and Graphic Design.

Our Team

Each of our dedicated and talented team members possesses a specialized skill set which will add to the success of your website and give a boost to your medical practice.

We have experienced and enthusiastic healthcare professionals, web designers, web project managers, web marketing specialists, graphic artists, programmers and medical copywriters.

What’s more, our staff members are trained in the newest web development technologies, design techniques, SEO, web application and database development.

Right from day one, you can leave the nuts and bolts of running a website to us and focus instead on your practice.  We’ll take care of website administration, provide the required technical support, training, programming and comprehensive project management.

Website Design & Development

A Visually Appealing, Fully Functional Website for Your Medical Practice
We use cutting-edge technology and tools – HTML, Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator, to name a few – to give you the website of your dreams. We partner with you to focus on what’s important for you – paying attention to your ideas and requirements, in helping create a unique and distinctive website for you.

A customer-friendly website
We know the importance of understanding your patients,   their preferences and behavior.  We rely extensively on market research to help design a website that is well aligned to your patient’s needs. Because we study what the market wants, we can help you create patient friendly website.

Your brand, logo and primary audience is our guiding light
We don’t just design your website; we help you make the best of your brand, logo and collaterals. While we work, we keep in mind the personality of your brand, your budget and your customers. After all, you want your website to build your brand, which means it must be unique.

Customized content
We enable customization of content so that you can display material suited to your visitors’ interests.

  • Flash Animation Adds Value
    We createcustom-designed and captivating flash animation that is unique, memorable and reinforces your web presence.
  • Streaming Video to Attract Visitors
    We can add live streaming videos of your promotional material to your website. This ensures that visitors keep coming back for more and allows you to expand your business.
  • Capture Attention and Trust through Professionally Produced Videos
    Regardless of how attractive they may be, photographs and static text do not create the same visual presence and impact as videos.  It’s a good idea to engage your visitors through impactful online video content. Clips on media appearances and pre-packaged patient education videos help introduce your visitors to your practice, services and staff in an interesting way.

Online video content will enable you to communicate in person with your clients even before they make an appointment with you. This will make for a more amiable relationship between you and your patients and help build your brand identity and your business.

Logo Design

A logo is a graphic symbol created specifically to convey the values and expertise of your business. It includes the name of your practice. The colors and design of your logo must reflect your practice and distinguish it from your competition.

A logo is your image
A logo is the symbol of your practice and your values. It appears on all your communication, whether online or offline – your website, letterhead, merchandise, advertisements, signage, etc. It creates awareness about your brand and your corporate identity. It builds credibility. This is why the quality of your logo is so important to the success of your medical practice.

And when it comes to your field of business, gaining the trust of your clients is of paramount importance. So, a logo designed for a medical practice must also inspire trust and convey caring.

Our graphic designers can create a logo that does all this and more.

The design of your logo will be determined by your consultation with our graphic designer. It will follow your specifications, if any, regarding color, size and feel.
You can see examples of some logos created by our graphic designers for clients. Click here to view some of our logo design.

Your logo will be designed using vector-based artwork created in a professional vector-based drawing program such as Adobe Illustrator. The advantage of a vector artwork is its scalability. You can vary the size of your logo without affecting its quality and clarity.

The original source file of your logo is an EPS or AI format. From this, you can generate derivative formats such as JPG, BMP, TIFF and PDF for use on the web or other media.

What will my logo design project deliver?
When our graphic designer has finished designing your logo, you will get:

  • A CD with the original logo master files.
  • JPEG, GIF and TIFF derivate formats which are most commonly used.  For a preview of your logo, you’ll need to use these formats. Once you have given your approval to our graphic designer and the final version of your logo is in your hands, these formats will come in handy for everyday office purposes.

What does a logo cost?

We offers several logo design packages to meet your needs:

Business – 1 concepts, 3 revisions
Price: $199.00

Professional – 2 concepts, 3 revisions
Price: $399.00

Comprehensive – 5 concepts, 3 revisions – Business card and stationery design included.
Price: $599.0